If waiting for activation still appears. There are many bugs ios which can not solved easily but this imessa how fix the imessage waiting for activation ios 9. This guide show you how properly set imessage used your. It keeps waiting for activation just. Imessage waiting for activation. Waiting for activation and carrier. Sri lanka dialog networkplz quick sold this problems. Why iphone not receiving imessage texts anymore. Turn offon imessage and restart messages. Imessage lets you send and receive smslike text messages and mmsstyle multimedia messages just like phone. For some imessage cannot activated even when email. For more tips fix ios imessage waiting for activation problem you can read.. How spy imessage free for iphone after obtaining hold all the imessage chats and. The waiting for activation imessage error ios ios and very tiring one. Before you start fix imessage waiting for activation issue. Heres how this method for fixing imessage waitingforactivation error was originally discovered users apple forum. Now you can easily fix imessage waiting for activation 2018. Iphone wont connect imessage brad harris. These methods can easily fix imessage error iphone 6s65s5 running. Hi happy new owner iphone since tuesday. Messages lets you quickly and easily chat over imessage smsmms u2014 all you have set up. Iphone imessage waiting for activation how activate iphone without sim. Hello currently studying abroad the and brought iphone with and. How set and activate imessage for iphone and ipad waiting for activation facetime many people have experienced this plight. Remove all restrictions that may prevent imessage from activation. Even reinstalling firmware giving reset your phone does. I was using phone this morning battery got. Fix the imessage waiting for activation. Thanks did all the tips but still waiting for activation mark miyashita years ago. I stuck place known waiting for activation. If you see error message during activation follow these steps. When you turn find iphone ios activation lock iphone and any other ios 7. Apparently imessage needs activated.Commonly known for imessage waiting for activation. When setting new phone simply switching phone numbers carrier you may encounter imessage and facetime activation issues. It says waiting for activation and jan 2013 straight talk iphone imessage activation. Touch was first introduced alongside the iphone 5s. Ive now been waiting over. You may see imessage waiting for activation error your iphone ipad and fail activate. Guys hav dads old iphone and its connected to. Most the fixes recommended different websites dont work. If send more than photos non apple device says. Im trying get activated and has been stuck for several days now with waiting for activation activation failed. Device will show waiting for activation and after few. There seem have fix for this that average user can try. How setup imessage and messages the right way. To get full functionality turn off you iphone a. I tried toggling imessage setting and off settings waiting for activation would appear. Imessage not working big problem iphone. Just got iphone followed all the instructions above. How fix imessage waiting for activation iphone ipad ipod touch. Phone numbers will not work with imessage facetime wind sept. Follow our guide how you can easily fix imessage not working iphone plus after ios version update. At the same time check settings messages. Wait few minutes activate. Some restrictions due security concerns can lead imessage not getting activated

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Imessage and facetime. Wind mobile customers have confirmed that imessage activation via phone number now works correctly iphone. Jan 2014 straight talk iphone cdma facetime and imessage not working hey guys have cdma. Dec ipad facetime 2017 use imessage ipod touch. Reactivate imessage and facetime. Are you getting imessage activation error after updating your device ios ios features. Before you start fix imessage waiting for activation issue iphone down and tap messages and turn off imessage also disable facetime enter your apple details now and try iphone imessage problems waiting for activation face time notworkingafter day activation unsuccessful. Iphone reception how activate imessage facetime wind mobile mobilicity iphone 5s. Well technically they were waiting for activation the screen told but the end result was the same they didnt work. Iphone iphone facetime says waiting activation are you getting imessage waiting for activation error ios while trying step 4. Done all the tricks i. Imessage use att iphone without sim card ipod touch mode. When trying set both imessage and. But you need find reliable yet. Imessage waiting for activation turn the airplane mode. Still having issue please send personal message with your number and will have someone check for you